2017 was the year I committed to chasing the dream. I took the plunge and quit my job as a carpenter and started focusing on my music full-time. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, especially considering Bec and I were planning to start a family… but we both decided that if I didn’t give it a crack, I would look back later in life and regret it. We made the decision as a team, and she fully supported and believed in me.

So I started my journey as a full-time musician. This involved playing cover gigs on the weekend to contribute to the bills, mortgage, life… and I spent my time during the week writing new songs and developing my brand, researching bands and artists, and learning new skills in marketing and promotion.

In the later stages of the year, I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people while writing and recording my new EP. Simon Moro produced the EP and he was an absolute legend to work with… and Andrew Furze helped take the songs to the next level. We recorded at Sing Sing South in Melbourne, which has a rich history of amazing albums and artists who have recorded there. This was such a cool experience!

I am excited and proud to release the EP in March 2018… it has been an awesome journey and I can’t wait to share my new music with you.

P.S. Although I am excited and proud of what I have achieved musically, it is nothing in comparison to life’s greatest gift… having a baby. Bec and I had a beautiful baby girl, Stevie Maree, in October… and being a Dad is the best thing ever!


What’s Been Happening? 26/05/17

Well the past few months have flown by! Things are really exciting at the moment as I’m hoping to have a new single out very soon which will also mean a single launch where you’ll be able to check out my new live set!

I’ve been busy writing, recording demo’s and honing my skills with some new pedals for the live show. I’ve also undergone some professional development to further my skills in songwriting, performing, managing, marketing and house work (including puppy training) since quitting my day job as a carpenter.

It has been a bit of a challenge to change my career. My routine has totally changed which takes some getting used to along with some battles with procrastination, but I have great support around me to get me through. I am definitely feeling more confident in the direction that I’m heading and I can’t wait to share that journey with you through my music!

P.S. Even with all of this happening I do have some more important news…. Bec and I are expecting a baby in November! Looking forward to juggling my music career with being a stay-at-home dad. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet him or her (no, we’re not going to find out the sex, It’ll be a SURPRISE)!!


A Day On The Green 6/03/16

This was an amazing and surreal day! To quote Aaron (drummer) “(it) was on par if not a smidge better than our wedding day hehe.” When Mike and I first rocked up we didn’t know where to go or what to do. After finding our bearings and unloading the van we were now introduced to this massive stage where we would be performing to 5000 plus people. Next we were shown our dressing room complete with couches, a coffee table and of course a fridge full of beers! Wow!

After a couple of beers and some food that had to be forced down, the band and I were waiting anxiously to get up on stage! I was feeling the nerves but also very comfortable and excited! Our set went so fast and was unreal! As a band we had never sounded better. The crowd was awesome too, after our set we had some great feedback from strangers and friends alike.

I was and still am buzzing from the experience of playing on such a big stage and infront of the biggest crowd to date. Not only that, I got to hang out with some of my idols backstage, Darren Middleton from Powderfinger, Pete Murray and I even got a hug from the main man Rob Thomas! They were all really nice and even helped to calm some of the nerves before our set. All in all it was a day that I’ll cherish forever, that feeling after our set was electric and very addictive! Hopefully we can play a show like that again soon!


New Album Launch 22/02/16

This was my first proper gig with the full band, although we didnt have Mike (lead guitarist) with us due to illness. I found out at 11am when Mike rang me saying he was crook, panic hit and I didnt know what we were going to do! Mike is such an integral part in the band, his parts are really important in my songs! After making a few phone calls we were lucky enough to find Gary Watling who filled in and did an amazing job!

Our set was so much fun, the crowd was amazing, by the end of our set they were on the tables singing and dancing! The Yarra Glen pub was buzzing! This gig gave us all the confidence we needed leading into A Day On The Green, which we were getting seriously pumped for!


Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new site! Here I will be sharing everything that is going on with my tunes! This is another step in expanding my reach to anyone that wants to hear my music and I’m really excited by what’s happening around me at the moment! You will also be able to see any upcoming gigs, videos and photos here.

As an unsigned artist this journey is an exciting and rewarding one. Over the past few weeks I’ve been madly emailing booking agents, venues and other musicians looking for more gigs to play with my band! If you guys have any advice or know someone that would like to help us out then please don’t hesitate to contact me!