This was an amazing and surreal day! To quote Aaron (drummer) “(it) was on par if not a smidge better than our wedding day hehe.” When Mike and I first rocked up we didn’t know where to go or what to do. After finding our bearings and unloading the van we were now introduced to this massive stage where we would be performing to 5000 plus people. Next we were shown our dressing room complete with couches, a coffee table and of course a fridge full of beers! Wow!

After a couple of beers and some food that had to be forced down, the band and I were waiting anxiously to get up on stage! I was feeling the nerves but also very comfortable and excited! Our set went so fast and was unreal! As a band we had never sounded better. The crowd was awesome too, after our set we had some great feedback from strangers and friends alike.

I was and still am buzzing from the experience of playing on such a big stage and infront of the biggest crowd to date. Not only that, I got to hang out with some of my idols backstage, Darren Middleton from Powderfinger, Pete Murray and I even got a hug from the main man Rob Thomas! They were all really nice and even helped to calm some of the nerves before our set. All in all it was a day that I’ll cherish forever, that feeling after our set was electric and very addictive! Hopefully we can play a show like that again soon!